Halfway to Hana Tour

"Private Guides Maui is an excellent tour guide company & a skilled driver!"

This was our first time Maui and with using Private Guides Maui and we had an amazing time, thanks to our incredible tour guide.

Tour Guide David was very friendly, informative and explained all the history, the vegetation, the culture, etc. of Maui. We could tell he loved the Island and love telling people about it. He made sure we had enough time to get good pictures and gave us quick breaks. And I should say, he's a exceptional driver, as the roads are very narrow and dangerous.

Thank you for making our Maui experience FANTASTIC David!!!

Teresa & Beth

Full Hana Tour

"Outstanding Tour - DO NOT drive to Hana yourself! - Our guide David was excellent!"

This was a great tour and a reasonable value and our guide/driver "David" as he is exceptionally knowledgeable and his driving was skilled and attentive. We really considered just driving the Road to Hana ourselves but we are so glad we didn't - we would have been exhausted and stressed and we would not have the back story and narrative to help us appreciate what we were seeing. David knew the right places to stop and he allowed us plenty of time to explore - before driving us around the west end of the island.

Our hot lunch at Hana Farms was amazing and we had just the right amount of time to eat. David provided us with an amazing amount of local details, natural history, and island culture - and he has a great command of the Hawaiian language. It was also a nice touch that we were dropped off and picked up at our VRBO condo in Wailea.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY and I encourage anyone considering booking a tour to request DAVID.

Paul D

Full Hana Tour

"Fantastic Day On Maui"

My wife and I with 2 kids from Louisiana had the best day EVER on Maui with David. David's informative tour on the Road to Hana was amazing!!! We also did the sunset tour as well and is was spectacular. We learned a lot about the geology, the plants/animals and history of the Island. He was a wealth of information. We thoroughly enjoyed the 10 hour tour to Hana and our 6 hour tour for sunset. Mahalo Private Guides Maui for making our Maui trip truly an event of a lifetime.

Virginia G

Reverse Hana Tour

"Our tour guide with Private Guides Maui was AMAZING!"

We decided to book this Road to Hana tour early on our 10 day vacation and I am so glad we did! Not only did we learn history of the island and local culture, but David (amazing driving, by the way!) provided us with EXCELLENT advice and tips on restaurants and sites etc that we would never have found on our own. And so convenient to be picked up/dropped off at our condo. I am so glad we didn't decide to drive that on our own... I would have missed out on the scenery and also you miss out on all of the stories. David knows like EVERY plant and flower, which is also super cool, and took us to the best picture spots. Mahalo David, your tour made the rest of our trip even better!

Tara H.

Full Day Hana Tour

"Excellent tour guide company and a skilled driver! It was an amazing day on Maui."

We had the honor of having Kawika as our tour guide and driver. As newlyweds, we were treated extra special! He took us to various tourist spots and his trivia of almost every minutes of “Hawaii” is priceless!!! We got tips where to make most of our buck when it comes to shopping around for food, drinks & gas! We are so thankful to have him tour us around. He was funny, lively, entertaining, and skilled in driving!!! My husband and I, truly enjoyed our road to hāna, with David and PG Maui showing us the road to bliss and happiness! ? Mahalo, Private Guides Maui and Kawika for making our trip! ???

Elizabeth S.

Full Hana Tour

"Best day ever... and David is amazing with kids! This truly was an event of a lifetime!"

After much research and comparisons, chose this group for our Road to Hāna guided tour.

David was our driver and not only friendly, funny, but very knowledgeable, it was more like an island tour considering everything we saw and learned about.

Lunch and breakfast was delicious. Unlimited soda, juice, water all day. Amazing and highly recommend this company and if can ask for David. We have kids and they loved David as he explained the island. He had them engaged all day and even took them on hike as we enjoyed a little alone time.

Joey P.

Full Hana Tour

"Fantastic Day On Maui"

Our tour guide brought it all to life. For our visit to Maui we rented a car, which is pretty much needed to explore the island. The ‘road to Hana’ was one of the trips we wanted to do. However, as we explored this adventure (the nature of the drive and not knowing where to stop and what to see), we felt we’d get more out of the experience by taking a an experienced tour guide, which we did with Private Guides Maui. For us it was the right decision.

Our excursion was the full circle tour, which we wouldn’t have done without a professional driver and guide driving us. David knows every turn and felt very safe. It was a workout drive and tour. But what a great Maui experience!

David, our guide and driver, was excellent. We benefitted from his love, passion and in-depth knowledge of the Hana area every mile of the circle tour. Not only did we stop at many of the ‘must see’ spots, we learned of the history and workings of these lands and more, especially travelling ‘the back side’ of the Hana road. David brought all of it to life!

We certainly wouldn’t have had this in-depth an experience driving on our own. And, the day of our tour it was raining. While this meant many waterfalls appeared for great (wet) viewing, it also meant for a challenging drive, which David handled with confidence.

Eric D.

Full day Hana Tour

"Private Guides Maui was AMAZING!"

We had the pleasure of this full day tour with our guide David. We experienced a delightful day of beauty and history on Maui. David was extremely knowledgeable and personable guide. We never felt rushed and he made every effort to stop at non planned stops to enhance our day. Worth every penny, especially liked the macadamia nut farm stop. Lots of goodies to sample.

It’s a long day so if taking young children ask for David. A delicious Lunch was included with a beach backdrop. Enjoy you will survive!


Full day Hana Tour

We've been to Maui several times, and each time try to catch something new. Doing the Road to Hana, has held the top spot for the one we didn't get to this year, but will "for sure" next year, for that last three trips. But finally got it done, and PG Maui was a fantastic pick, primarily because of our guide, David. He was just great in very way imaginable. He was knowledgeable and delivered it in an interesting and compelling way, carefully gauged to the absorption rate of the group (you could tell he was attentive to our engagement). And there was never a lack for an answer on anything, when someone wanted more. He realized our random collection was open to the must sees and the off beat, so he took us to places you didn't see other buses at, to dip us a bit deeper into the local side of things. But we didn't miss any of the spots you come to see.

David noticed I was a photographer so he make sure we stopped at the shots. Someone on board wanted to go to the beach with the signing rocks, so he did. They weren't signing, but we were rewarded with a humpback which repeatedly breached (not the common area for them) just off the beach and we'd have missed it if we didn't go on the detour.

The lunch was good and a step above the usual. David's driving was expert and that road requires it in places. Boy was I glad I didn't dilute the pleasure of the scenery by being behind the wheel myself.

By the end we were fulfilled and bonded. We all hugged David, and meant it. I can't think of a better way to do the Road to Hana.

Paul P.

Full day Hana AMAZING!

Let an experienced driver drive this harrowing road to Hana and beyond! And that would be David! He was awesome, very knowledgeable, patient, and accommodating. So glad we didn't attempt this drive ourselves! If you break down or have an accident, you're screwed. Locals fly down this road. I would have been a nervous wreck behind the wheel.

David said there was about 630 something plus turns around plus over 57 bridges one way bridges!!! Glad he drove and what a great job he did!! Never once did we feel scared or stressed with him driving and we were in the front 2 seats! We did the tour with meal inclusions, breakfast and lunch, and the circle island tour. It's a long day, and sometimes a bumpy ride, and not for the faint-hearted, but it's well worth it!

Many photo opportunities along the way, especially on a clear day. We took the 12 passenger van, so a small group, which makes the tour much more enjoyable! Would highly recommend! You haven't explored Maui if you haven't done the road to Hana (and beyond) with David and PG Maui!

Kimberly C.

Full day Hana

My group and I had a phenomenal experience on our Full Hana Tour. David was extremely knowledgable about Maui and was a great driver with all the twists and turns - highly recommend booking this tour rather than driving yourself!

The adventure took us to spots that other tour groups don't go to and brought us to local spots as well, instead of the typical overcrowded tourist areas so it felt like a truly personalized and unique experience. He also managed to time our stops just right so we would beat the crowd in each location every time, which we really appreciated.

David made the full day drive enjoyable and I would not hesitate to book with them again! He knows everybody as we got to meet some very special locals and it was a true pleasure to have this opportunity. If you can book David as he really made the day extra special.

Jess T.

Full day Hana Adventure with PG Maui

Within an hr of this tour, I realized this is why we came to Maui, HI. Our group decided to go last min, and ALL tours were booked. But Dave, the owner, cleared his schedule to create a unique experience for our group.

David's knowledge of the road to Hana coupled with his historic knowledge made our trip special. I'm so grateful to him and his team for all of the recommendations. The only thing, we booked this tour on our last day, we should have done it first.

When you book, leave an extra day, as he'll show you local places I guarantee you'll want to double back and visit. His tour is what makes Maui special. You won't regret it.

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